Collaborate with your Supply Chain with our solutions.

FinAGG’s solutions brings efficiencies in Working Capital by providing Quick Cash Flows to your entire value chain.


AI powered Data, Insights & Analytics


Better Cashflow forecasting


Competitive ROI & PAN India Coverage


Faster churn of inventory

FinAGG’s solutions help manage complexity of Large Supply Chain of Enterprises

#1 Increase Top Line Revenue

Plan ramp-ups in production and introduction of new products with a direct connect with the retailer proxy on sales and revenue.

#2 Accelerate down-stream movement

Plan ramp-ups in production and introduction of new products with end-to-end visibility on sales and revenue.

#3 Direct Connect with Retailers

Ensure quick & complete sign up process with 3 data points, accessibility to local languages and a dedicated help desk for retailers.

#4 Maximize value from Cash Discounts

Leverage your cash discounts as incentives, even after the expiry of the initial discount period, through lower interest rates for retailers*

#5 Efficient Reconciliations

View all sales transactions from distributors and retailers in a single window for easy reconciliation and enable e-invoicing capabilities to increase visibility & transparency

#6 Faster Collections

Enable easy collections through a host of payment gateways available to retailers and distributors and introduce

FinAGG benefits Enterprise's Business Partners
With Quick, Certain and Reliable Capital ensuring stable Cashflow anytime & anywhere

#1 Quick & Easy Capital

#2 Grow Business

#3 Available 24 x 7 x 365
#4 Anytime, Anywhere

FinAGG provides Customised Solutions
for all relationships in your Supply & Forward Value Chain

Pan India Coverage

80% + PIN Codes

Covered currently
New pin codes added increasingly

Fully Digitalized


No physical paper required
No physical visit required

Complete Transparency


Complete Account Visibility
No hidden costs

Attractive & Easy Credit Terms
for Distributors, Retailers, Suppliers

Rate of Interest*

3% – 4%

Cheaper to normal unsecured Business Loan

Credit Period*

Up to 90


Credit Limit*


of monthly purchase

*subject to credit assessment of specific supplier, distributor, retailer

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