Quick Cash Flow Programme for your Clients

We understand that your relationship with your clients is strategic and providing right solutions at the right time is key to your success and your clients. At FinAGG we have a great solution called “Seller Up Programme” which benefits your clients in getting Quick Cash flow without any collateral.

What is Seller Up Programme?

MSME / SME at times face challenges in cash by delayed payments from their buyer

FinAGG has created a digital product which is paperless and frictionless

Collaborate with us in helping your clients. We will make your experience rewarding

Minimal Qualification
  • Basic KYC
  • Mother’s name, Email id, Mobile no of director is mandatory.
  • Business Vintage – 3 years
  • Your buyer should be Medium / Large Corporates
  • Turnover – Rs.1 crore (Minimum)
  • 2-year GST Registration
Basic Requirements
  • Account statement 7 months
  • GST API access
  • Ownership proof (Electricity bill, Water bill, Property Tax Receipt)
  • Your buyer should be Medium / Large Corporates
  • Either Shop Establishment License / Trade license/ MSME, either can be used to show the vintage of the company
Salient Features
  • Funding UPTO 90% of Sale Invoice
  • Tenor Up to 90 days
  • NO pre-closure charges
  • NO Financials
  • NO Income Proof
  • Interest Charges on Utilised amount only

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